Utility Audits & Information

Utility Audits

Not only do City Utilities guarantee to beat any renewal quote and potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on your energy contract if you are on an out of contract or standard tariff.

We can also carry out an energy assessment audit of your business and outline ways in which your business can reduce the amount of energy you are using.

Through our utility audits we can reduce the cost of your energy

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When we look at your current business utilities, we will look at each area individually in the first instance, starting with an audit of your electricity, gas and water.

Looking initially at the rate structures will tell us if we can get a better rate deal, but then we need to check your reading match with your bills. Sometimes, estimations can be a long way from the actual usage. 

Looking for spikes also help us identify when you are using your energy most, and potentially even identify things such as water leaks. If we can determine where your usage is most, we can then formulate a plan to reduce that spend. In our homes, we replace standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs, and in business we can look at similar things to help you save money on your utilities bills. 

So, book your utilities audit with City Utilities now, and see how much money we can save your business.