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Client Testimonial

Regency Restaurant, Brighton

"We have a very popular and busy restaurant in the city and consume much energy. Energy procurement has always been a major headache for us to achieve realistic costings.

We were introduced to Malcolm / City Utilities over 5 years ago. I cannot emphasise enough the professionalism and customer support they provide our business and more importantly saving us £1000’s of pounds in energy costs each year.

I highly recommend using their service 100%."

Emilio Savvides, Director

Business telecoms price comparison

How many business owners make time for a business telecoms price comparison? Very few, yet most established companies have had their telecoms systems for many years; if you are one of them, you may be overpaying for these systems and not even know it. There could be hidden costs in your telecoms bills that you just think are typical costs.

In all most every case we at City Utilities will be able to bring you significant price savings on your telecoms whether it's just bringing down the amount you pay for line rentals through to new systems that use VOIP to bring the cost of calling down dramatically.

Unbeatable business telecoms price comparison service for your business

The telecoms and broadband market has become a very competitive market; this is excellent news for businesses want to look for a new supplier, as these providers are all battling themselves to get the competitive edge and attract new customers. 

City Utilities have excellent relationships with numerous providers and will help you get the best possible deal in the market for your telecoms and broadband.

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