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Client Testimonial

Regency Restaurant, Brighton

"We have a very popular and busy restaurant in the city and consume much energy. Energy procurement has always been a major headache for us to achieve realistic costings.

We were introduced to Malcolm / City Utilities over 5 years ago. I cannot emphasise enough the professionalism and customer support they provide our business and more importantly saving us £1000’s of pounds in energy costs each year.

I highly recommend using their service 100%."

Emilio Savvides, Director

Cheapest Business Electricity

Business Electricity Savings: We all want the cheapest business electricty, as electricity these days makes up a considerable portion of any business’s overall costs. Still, there are savings to be made, and many would be amazed at the difference in price suppliers offer for your contract.

But with dozens of energy providers in the market, trying to contact all of these to find, collate the quotes to ensure you get the best price is very time consuming and often very frustrating. Taking away your valuable time that could be used elsewhere running your business.

We compare 30+ UK suppliers to get you the best price for your business electricity

City Utilities will take that headache away from, not only that, but with our relationships with over 30 of the UK'S largest business electricity providers, we have access to the best prices. All we need from you is a copy of your recent Electricity Bill and a signed letter of authority from you, and that's it, for many businesses we can get quotes in a matter of hours, however for larger companies and those on half-hourly meters this process takes about a week. 

Once we have the quotes, we will present you with the best options for your business electricity.

Remember if your existing contract is coming to an end, you must have a new contract in place 28 days before your current contract expires or run the risk of being albeit temporarily on an out of contract tariff if you don't know when your contract ends, we can find out for you.

With City Utilities on your side, you won't need to do a thing we will source the quotes, prepare the contacts all you will need to do is agree on what quote to go with and sign the contract drawn up by us, and we ensure a seamless transition from one contract to another.

So instead of spending hours ringing dozens of different electricity suppliers. Call us today, and we will do all the hard work for you.

Call us today on 01273 600 300 and let us get you the best deal for your Non-Domestic Electricity supply. Or complete the form below, and we will contact you.

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