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Regency Restaurant, Brighton

"We have a very popular and busy restaurant in the city and consume much energy. Energy procurement has always been a major headache for us to achieve realistic costings.

We were introduced to Malcolm / City Utilities over 5 years ago. I cannot emphasise enough the professionalism and customer support they provide our business and more importantly saving us £1000’s of pounds in energy costs each year.

I highly recommend using their service 100%."

Emilio Savvides, Director

Lowest credit card processing fees

Business Card Processing Savings: With cash a thing of the past we all want to pay the lowest credit card processing fees. 2020 saw the use of cash decline to just 15% of all payments, so pretty much every business that sells anything has a credit card terminal or some form of merchant services. Rates and commission charged can vary wildly. But changing provider can be a complex and challenging process. Anyone who has made an enquiry on a price comparison site will know that they then get flooded with calls and emails from various providers

Comparing all the different merchant services is not an easy task. There are many providers out there, and understanding the rates of commission paid. Charges can be anything between just a few pence (15-40p) for a visa or MasterCard debit card rising to 1-3% of the transaction value for business credit cards and overseas visa and MasterCard. These generally uncontrollable costs can really mount up.

Merchant service costs mount up; we can save you money on your credit card processing fees

These different rates mean that many businesses are losing more than 1% of their turnover just in credit and debit card commissions. With margins getting ever tighter, any reduction here would help. We at City Utilities are on hand to help with the cheapest merchant services available!

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