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Client Testimonial

R.E Hotel, Brighton

"We met with Mr Jacobs of City Utilities through a third-party introduction and have to say that we have nothing but praise for them in the way they have conducted our energy savings which have been substantial.

We did shop around and even went direct to the energy suppliers who were unable to match or better the prices of City Utilities. More importantly is that during the COVID-19 Pandemic when all the hotels had problem’s they were there for us to sort out any issues for us.

We trust their advice completely which in this harsh world of today is a major influence in our decision to use them as our energy supplier."

General Manager

Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices for Venues

There are thousands of venues across the UK, from community centres, church halls, small conference venues to massive arenas and exhibition centres. Hosting events from just a handful of people through to, tens of thousands, and each one is different.

2020 was a challenging year for all venues, with enforced closures, reduced capacities and cancelled events throughout the year. And while 2021 has started in much the same way, there is hope that things will begin to pick up as we proceed through the year and while it might take time to recover fully. Once it does the backlog of events caused by the pandemic could mean some exceptionally busy times ahead for this sector.

Despite all this, if your existing utility contract is due to end, you will need to negotiate a new one, and while this might not seem a significant priority, it will need to be done. We will help you to ensure you get the best right price for your utilities.

We at City Utilities commit to every business that we work with that we will provide them with 5* service and expertise at every stage of the process. We successfully work with UK businesses across all sectors and sizes.

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My venue was closed for most of 2020, will this affect my new contract?

In some cases, particularly for businesses that were forced to shut down, their usage in 2020 could move you down a band when it comes to your next contract. 

New contracts are often based on a snapshot of the previous year's usage. So this could result in higher than anticipated rates. 

However, we will work with you on this once we know your specifics and how far off your normal band your 2020 usage was we will go into negotiation with our suppliers armed with facts, but rest assured we will do everything we can to get you the best prices.

I received my renewal quote, and it is much higher than I anticipated. Why is that?

Gas and Electricity prices have risen by about 40% since 2016, so if you are coming out of a two or 3-year deal, these increases will be shown in your renewal quote. 

However, contact us today as we guarantee we will be able to beat your renewal quote.

How can I reduce my Utility Bills?

Lighting and Heating are generally the biggest user of energy for almost all businesses, quite often small changes can yield significant savings. 

LED bulbs can cut you electricity usage against regular bulbs by as much as 90%. Timers for Heating and indoor-outdoor sensor can make a substantial reduction in heating costs. 

We can help. Look at our Audit tab.