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Client Testimonial

R.E Hotel, Brighton

"We met with Mr Jacobs of City Utilities through a third-party introduction and have to say that we have nothing but praise for them in the way they have conducted our energy savings which have been substantial.

We did shop around and even went direct to the energy suppliers who were unable to match or better the prices of City Utilities. More importantly is that during the COVID-19 Pandemic when all the hotels had problem’s they were there for us to sort out any issues for us.

We trust their advice completely which in this harsh world of today is a major influence in our decision to use them as our energy supplier."

General Manager

Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices for Places of Worship

Places of worship are important and sacred places for many in the UK. Today there are over 40,000 Christian Churches, 1,500 Mosques, over 450 Synagogues, and 300 + Gurdwaras and many other spiritual and nearly all of these are a critical the focal point of many communities.

Like every business or Domestic user, places of worship have finite financial resources, so saving money that could be used elsewhere in your community is always a good idea.

Often large open plan buildings and in many cases quite old energy costs can mount up, so if you are responsible in managing your place of worships finances but don't know where to turn to make sure you are getting the best possible deal then contact City Utilities today. We guarantee to find you the best possible price on your energy bills and to beat any renewal quote.

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