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Client Testimonial

R.E Hotel, Brighton

"We met with Mr Jacobs of City Utilities through a third-party introduction and have to say that we have nothing but praise for them in the way they have conducted our energy savings which have been substantial.

We did shop around and even went direct to the energy suppliers who were unable to match or better the prices of City Utilities. More importantly is that during the COVID-19 Pandemic when all the hotels had problem’s they were there for us to sort out any issues for us.

We trust their advice completely which in this harsh world of today is a major influence in our decision to use them as our energy supplier."

General Manager

Best Electricity, Gas & Water Prices for Night Clubs

Electricity costs are one of the largest outlays for Nightclubs after staffing and property costs.

2020 and the start of 2021 have been truly awful for this sector; government-mandated closure and ongoing uncertainty as to when you will be able to re-open. So thinking about your utilities is for many a low priority. Those who have are facing other issues, due to the extended period of closure some suppliers are currently not offering contracts to nightclubs and other similarly affected businesses, while others are but at a higher than rate due to increased risk! 

We disagree with this, and we have pushed back for some of our customers demanding that this not be the cases. Things have been hard enough for many sectors of the economy without being penalised further by having inflated utility costs due to enforced closure.

We will work with, and help you, discuss options to ensure you get the best possible deal for the here and now and in the future.

Your account manager will be on hand throughout to help you, go through the Quotes with you and help you with your contract. With City Utilities, we are all about the service we give and doing our utmost to help our clients.

As well as Electricity, Gas and Water offer a wide range of other services from telecoms to Epos and Till systems and industry-beating rates on credit card merchant services. And our energy Assessment Audits. And we are in Partnership with a fantastic facilities company that can help with all your heating, cooling, plumbing and refrigeration needs and requirements.

Call us today on 01273 600 300 and let us get you the best deal for your night clubs electricity, gas and water costs. Or simply complete the form below, and we will contact you.


How many energy companies are in the UK?

There are about 32 main gas and electricity suppliers on the market today. 

There are some other smaller suppliers, but we only work with well-established ones in this very competitive market. 

We review our suppliers regularly, to ensure we can give our customers the best prices in the market.

Can I use a price comparison site instead?

Yes, of course you can, however for non-domestic energy, once you have given your details what you will not get is a screen showing you all the options available. What you will get is a flood of phone calls and or emails from potential suppliers. 

Once we have your letter of authority and copies of your bill with city utilities, we tender for quotes to every major supplier and invite them to tender for your contract. 

Sometimes particularly if it’s a reasonably sized contract with a business trading for years, we might see all 32 suppliers respond. 

However, if it is a smaller business that has only recently started trading, then we may only get 5 or 6 respond.

I received my renewal quote, and it is much higher than I anticipated. Why is that?

Gas and Electricity prices have risen by about 40% since 2016, so if you are coming out of a two or 3-year deal, these increases will be shown in your renewal quote. 

However, contact us today as we guarantee we will be able to beat your renewal quote.