No matter what size your business is, we can help you save on your business utilities. And could help you reduce your usage as well

City Utilities beat my renewal quote by .35 Pence doesn’t sound a lot but it will save us over £8,000 over the next 3 years

When we took over this restaurant our first electricity bill showed we were being charged over 30p per KWH City Utilities managed to reduce this by over 75%

We thought we had a good deal on our electricity costs, City Utilities took our renewal price and managed to secure us a saving of 11% that’s £1,575 per year

City Utilities Audit saved us over 30% on our annual energy usage

Get a no obligation Quote? We will get you the best possible prices for your energy needs; we have close ties to over 30 of the leading UK energy suppliers. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We help you reduce the cost of your utilities.

At City Utilities, we pride ourselves that we understand the stresses and strains running a business can bring, our senior team has come from a wide range of industries.

We have been in your position and we know setting up new utility contracts is at times frustrating.

Let our team of experts go out to the entire market and get you the best possible deal available to your businesses.

Our Sectors



Our head of hospitality spent 30 years in the sector having been General manager of numerous Hotels, Restaurants and Bars, ultimately being a commercial director for a group of hotels. So we completely understand the strains and stresses running a hotel can bring.



We know running a restaurant is hard work. Our head of hospitality has been involved with many restaurants. As recently as 2019, he was involved with opening a new 130+ cover restaurant from scratch.


Pubs, Bars & Social Clubs

Keeping the pubs warm in winter and cool in summer, cooling for Beer and other drinks, and cooking as many now have extensive food menus it's not surprising that Pubs go through a lot of Gas and Electricity.


Night Clubs

We will work with you and with our guarantee to beat any renewal quote we will get you the best deal in the market at the time of searching.



We at City Utilities make a commitment to each and every venue that we work with, that we will provide them with 5* service and expertise at every stage of the process.



As with all sectors balancing the books and making a profit is challenging, for all attractions, whether you be large or small, we know that profit margins have been tightening in recent years, and money needs to be saved wherever possible.



If your energy contracts are up for renewal, not only will you face potentially significant increases in your utility bills as prices have risen by as much as 40% since 2016 you could also see your theatre face a hidden increase as reduced usage in 2020.

leisure centres

Leisure Centres

If you manage a leisure centre, you will be well aware of the high costs of energy. We will help leisure clubs up and down the country to get the best electricity prices they possibly can.

sports clubs

Sports Clubs

Whether you are just a small local sports club or a major sporting arena Electricity, will undoubtedly be one of your most significant financial costs. Lighting, hospitality, heating, cooling regardless of the sport or size, your electricity demands will be high.


Retail Stores

City Utilities can help support retailers by helping them reduce the significant outlay on energy costs.


Independent Shops

Shop owners are often the creative person behind the unique products or services sold. So balancing the day-to-day operations and providing the services offered can mean that getting round to reviewing energy costs can be hard.



We understand that owners are not going to have the time or inclination to think about contacting dozens of different gas and electricity suppliers, come the time of renewal. So here is the good news, you don't have to! City Utilities can do that for you.


Health & Beauty Spas and Salons

If your existing electricity or gas contract is nearing its end or you are not sure when it ends, contact us at City Utilities. We will be able to find out when your contract ends, and up to six months out, we will contact dozens of energy providers to get you the best possible deal.


Newsagents and Convenience Stores

Newsagents and convenience stores are probably the hardest working retailers in any sector, with many owners working seven days a week and often very long hours. So finding the time to negotiate the best deal on their utility contracts, will ofetn take a back seat.


Large & Multi-Site Companies

For large businesses, their energy usage is generally on bespoke tariffs that need to be negotiated with Energy providers. Many large companies plan to control their energy costs, align their energy management strategies with their company goals.



For many SMEs, contacting dozens of energy suppliers can be a time-consuming exercise. This is where City utilities can help, we guarantee to get you the best possible price for your business electricity, gas and water.


Car Garages

There are over 20,000 independent car garages in the UK. Car garages are likely to use more energy per square foot than their retail counterparts.



With the amount of equipment required in each one, it is not surprising that Electricity and Gas costs are amongst the highest costs within the Practice.



If you want to identify energy savings, City Utilities can help. Our consultants have experience working with charities of all kinds. We understand the challenges you face and the pressures your budget is under.

care homes

Care Homes

Within the health care sector, busy directors and managers have little time to negotiate gas and electricity contracts. But missing a contact end date can result on your care home being on a contract rate up to 80% more expensive than a negotiated one.

doctors surgeries

Doctors Surgeries

When it comes to energy usage, GP surgeries are just like any other businesses in the country, facing increased financial pressure because of the continued rise in energy prices. Heating and lighting costs, in particular, will eat into your budgets.



We all know that finances are a precious resource. As a member of staff or governor responsible for energy use at your school, the number of suppliers in the energy market makes securing the best deal for your school can be an arduous one.



Manufacturers facing higher energy costs can't always pass these increases on to their customers, putting pressure on their business margins.


Places of Worship

Like every business or Domestic user, places of worship have finite financial resources, so saving money that could be used elsewhere in your community is always a good idea.


Funeral Directors

Then contact City Utilities, and we will take a close look at your usage and ensure you are on the best tariff. And if there's a more affordable energy contract out there, we'll even help you switch.



If you are the owner or manager of a crematorium, you will be well aware of the high-energy costs associated with running your business. While the most significant single energy cost will be the cremator itself.


Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics and particularly warehouses can use a surprising amount of energy, especially those that require refrigeration.