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Why Using a Professional Business Utilities Broker Can Save You Money?
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Why Using a Professional Business Utilities Broker Can Save You Money?

Many UK business owners have been slow on the uptake when it comes to switching their business utilities to a new provider. Here we discuss how using City Utilities business brokerage services can help deliver business telecoms savings, Business water savings, and Business solar energy savings.

It is easy and completely painless to make the switch to a cheaper supplier with our help. We can make the entire process seamless for you because we will do all the challenging work of finding you a better deal, so you do not have to.

Switching business energy suppliers

You can dramatically reduce your business energy costs by moving to another business energy provider with a better tariff. Many business owners are too busy even to notice when their energy contract is coming up for renewal. Some are even being switched to more expensive 'out-of-contract tariffs because they failed to respond to notifications from their current energy supplier.

If you do not renew your energy contracts when they expire, you may remain on an out-of-contract tariff for many years without realising how much more expensive they are.

Unlike domestic energy contracts where householders can save money by choosing a dual-fuel tariff, businesses do not get the same benefits, so they will need to have separate gas and electricity tariffs for their company.

This can mean a lot of demanding work for the business owner or one of their admin staff to sit and search through separate quotes for both gas and electricity supplies. There is also a lot of small print to read and understand to make sure there are no hidden clauses or extra services that are attached that could cost you more money than you think. What busy business owner has time for all that?

Running comparisons from leading suppliers

Research from the Competition and Markets Authority showed that 40% of UK businesses had not switched energy providers in the past five years, and 39% have never switched at all.

City Utilities work closely with over 30 of the leading gas and electricity providers in the UK. Our excellent working relationship with these suppliers can often mean we can negotiate a much better deal for your energy tariffs that you would achieve by yourself.

Unless you understand the energy market, it can be challenging to know what a fair price is or for what hidden charges to look out. With so many barriers in place that make it difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming for business owners to sort out a good deal, it can be a great relief to get the help of a professional business energy broker such as City Utilities to do this challenging work for you.

Saving time and money

Our team at City Utilities understands that business owners need to focus on their company's day-to-day running and may have little to no time to even think about their business energy consumption and the associated costs.

Businesses are all about efficiency, so what could be more efficient than turning to an energy broker such as City Utilities to work hard on your behalf to find you the best deals. We not only find you the most cost-effective tariffs for your business utilities, but we will make sure that the contract is tailored to meet the needs of your company.

Not every business is the same. The energy and water consumption will vary from company to company, so there will be no one-size-fits-all solution for business utilities.

Business water and solar power savings

Apart from business gas and electricity savings, City Utilities can also help UK businesses to save money on their water bills and introduce them to solar power as a viable alternative to mains supply electricity.

Since April 2017, the non-domestic water market in England has been deregulated. This means that businesses do not need to stay with their current water supplier and can instead choose which company supplies them with water.

The water market has also had a significant overhaul in recent years to align with modern technology and account management practices. Ofwat now closely monitors and regulates the water market to ensure business customers are protected from overcharging should they fail to switch to a new deal.

The water market now works the same way as the utility market, so water suppliers now buy wholesale services and offer packages to business owners. City Utilities can also help you save money by finding you the right tariff for your water consumption and wastewater removal costs.

Business solar benefits

Solar energy is making waves in the energy market, and more UK businesses are now taking advantage of the many benefits of switching to solar power.

By generating your own renewable energy, your business will be helping to reduce the environmental impact that comes with fossil fuel use.

Installing a solar energy capture system will allow your business to:

  • Save on your electricity bills and protect your business from future price rises
  • Show your commitment to sustainable and responsible business practices
  • Use solar installation as part of your Environmental Management plan to help achieve ISO14001 accreditation

As time goes on and non-renewable energy sources become scarcer, your business will be future proofing itself against ever-increasing energy prices by investing in solar energy.

Modern solar capture technology is quite different from its original incarnation. These days solar installations for businesses are smaller and more efficient. You can have a solar installation appropriately designed to match your business needs and have the flexibility and versatility to expand as your company grows and energy demands increase.

Not only can you save money on your electricity bills moving forward, but you can take advantage of any Feed-in Tariffs (FIT) that are available through your electricity supplier.

If you want to get your business energy from renewable sources, City Utilities can help find you the best option to meet your business needs and physical environment.

Why not get in touch with our friendly team of professional utilities brokers today to find out how our services can help save your business money.

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