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Is City Utilities Only for Big UK Businesses?
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Is City Utilities Only for Big UK Businesses?

The main reason UK businesses use a utility broker is to help find them a better deal for their business gas, electricity, water, and telecoms.

Not only can utility brokers such as City Utilities help you save money on your business power, water, and telecoms, but we can also help you identify how you use your energy and highlight any areas of waste that you can address to save you even more money. We do this through our Utility Audit Services.

It can be highly time-consuming and frustrating for a business owner to sit down and search through hundreds of price comparisons and read the small print included to make sure that the deal is right for them.

By working with City Utilities, you can bypass all this added stress and hassle because we will do all the legwork for you. Many business owners do not realise that professional brokers such as us have access to exclusive deals with energy suppliers that you will not be able to negotiate for yourself.

But do we do all this only for large UK businesses? No, we do not!

Businesses that City Utilities help

We have helped hundreds of UK businesses of every size and across every business sector. We do not just work for large corporations. We help many small and medium-sized businesses save money on their utilities, including hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, sports clubs, shops and convenience stores, hairdressers, doctors’ surgeries, car garages and many more!

Not only can we save you time by searching through regular tariffs from the leading UK energy suppliers, but we go far beyond finding you a good deal by helping you to reduce your energy consumption.

We can also keep track of your renewals so you can keep getting the lowest rate for your business gas, electricity, and water. Plus, we do not have any upfront fees because we earn our money from the energy companies we work with.

Business solar energy installation

Many small and large UK businesses are now reducing their carbon footprint by switching to green energy. Suppose you have business premises suitable for solar panel installation. In that case, you can not only save yourself a lot of money on your electricity bills, but you will also be reducing your fossil fuel consumption and reducing your impact on the environment.

If you have never been involved with solar energy before, then City Utilities can help you with our Business Solar Energy services. We can hold your hand all the way through the process, right from your initial assessment for solar power use to the installation and implementation of the use on your premises.

What information does City Utilities provide?

Our business utilities price comparisons are extensive. We take the time to read all the small print and take a deep dive into looking at the breakdown of costs that make up the price quote.

We will look at:

  • The Unit Rate: This is the cost per unit for your energy. It is priced in pence per kWh for both electricity and gas
  • The Standing Charge: This is the cost per day, week, month, or year that is charged to access energy
  • Contract Type: This could be fixed term or variable. Fixed-term contracts have less risk but come at a slightly higher price. Variable contracts are more flexible, but you risk being hit with sudden price hikes if the cost of wholesale energy spikes
  • Length of Contract: Fixed-term contracts can last between one to five years and guarantee a set price throughout. Variable contracts do not have a fixed term and can be cancelled in 30 days

We gather all the information from energy suppliers and work out which deals, and tariffs are the most cost-effective and suitable for your needs. We will obtain written permission from you that allows us to switch your business to the best deal we find and do all the necessary paperwork needed to make the switch, so you do not have to lift a finger!

Our friendly team will keep you up to date with your switching progress, so you will know exactly what is always going on. Once we have switched you over, we will continue to help you save money by helping you with any of our other services such as energy audits or looking for a better telecoms deal or cheaper business mobile contracts for your company.

How do we make our money?

One of the biggest myths surrounding working with a professional energy broker is how we make our money. Many business owners are misinformed and believe that they will be charged a hefty price to hire the services of a utilities broker.

The truth is that by using the services offered by City Utilities, you will not be paying a penny for our help! That is right, using our services are entirely free of charge to your business, and you will not be landed with a massive bill from us once we have switched you to a new utility supplier.

We work on a commission basis paid to us by the energy and utility companies we work with. They pay us when you sign a new business energy contract with them.

But this does not mean that we will only set you up with the energy company that pays us the most commission. Quite the reverse, in fact. City Utilities works with our clients to build an open, transparent, and trusting relationship where we work hard to find the best deals that suit your business needs rather than ours. If we find that a tariff is not suitable for your business, we will not switch you over

Why not get in touch with our friendly team of professional utilities brokers today to find out how our services can help save your business money.

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