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How Solar Power Can Save Your Business Money
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How Solar Power Can Save Your Business Money

You can make substantial business solar energy savings and help to reduce your business carbon footprint by capturing solar energy from your roof space or from utilising the land you own.

Solar technology uses photovoltaic panels to capture the sun's energy and then convert it into usable electricity that you can use in your business. While installing solar panels to generate your own renewable electricity has been growing in popularity for many years now, the advancements in solar technologies have made it even more appealing for businesses to take up.

Solar panels are constructed by layering semi-conducting materials together. When sunlight hits the material it causes the electrons within the material to move, creating an energy flow that can be captured and used as electricity.

While it isn't necessary to have strong sunshine for the panels to work, they can work in daylight on a cloudy day, the stronger the sunlight – the more energy is generated.

The electricity generated through solar technology is direct current (DC), but your business uses alternating current (AC), so your solar system will come installed with an inverter that will convert DC current to AC current.

Flexible solar installation

Solar cells are first grouped into modules, and the modules can then be grouped into solar arrays. As the modules and arrays are available in all shapes and sizes, it can be pretty straightforward to fit on most roof types no matter what their design.

In most cases, solar systems are made up of solar panels that will be fitted to your roof, but you can also install them on the ground, which can turn a plot of unproductive land on your premises to your advantage.

Modern solar designs also include very stylish roof tile design so if the idea of having solar panels on your roof isn't appealing, then a tile style option may be a more aesthetic choice for you.

While replacing your roof tiles with solar roof tiles does look more attractive, doing so will typically cost around twice as much as installing the equivalent solar panels, so it is worth thinking carefully about. In most cases, solar roof tiles are usually chosen to meet planning restrictions or for purely aesthetic reasons.

Why solar is the future for your business

With just about every business owner wanting to keep their overheads to a minimum, it makes sense to have a solar system installed, especially with ever-rising electricity prices.

The cost of installing a solar system for your business has decreased significantly over recent years, so it is now a far more affordable option than it was when the industry was in its infancy.

Solar power systems have now become a very viable, sustainable and cost-effective energy alternative for businesses, especially for those wanting to drastically reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

While many small and medium-sized businesses are only just catching on to the benefits of solar power, many of the world's leading corporations have already made significant savings, including big names such as Apple, Intel, IKEA, Walmart, Bentley, Goldman Sachs and Sainsbury's.

Installing a solar power system may seem like a significant investment, to begin with, it can provide you with far more benefits in the long run.

Long term sustainability

Having a solar energy collection system installed does have an initial up-front cost, the price of the system can be recouped very quickly, usually within 6 to 10 years. The real benefit to a business going solar is that once the initial cost of the system has been paid off, this leaves them with potentially 25 to 35 years of free electricity, or even more as the longevity of solar panels continues to improve.

Instead of thinking about the cost of the investment now, think of it as pre-paying for your next 30 years worth of electricity bills. With most solar system manufacturers offering a substantial decades-long performance guarantee, it speaks volumes about the reliability of modern solar products.

Solar capture systems are the most popular choice for businesses looking at ways to invest in renewable energy as part of their decarbonisation plans. According to recent research, solar is more favourable due to the falling costs of the system and the relative ease of installation.

Of those UK businesses that have already invested in solar, 66 per cent are now looking at installing energy storage batteries, especially those choosing to combine renewable solar energy with storage to guarantee a stable electricity supply.

Maintenance-free reliability

One of the most understated positives of having a solar system installed is that they require little to zero maintenance. As solar panels are installed on racks, nothing moves. There are no moving parts to wear out or jam up, so it is a case of 'set and forget' and start benefiting from free electricity!

Another benefit of installing solar panels is the positive image it creates for your business. It will show everyone that your business is environmentally responsible and that your business supports a green ethos.

With solar panel prices dropping by around 80 per cent over the last decade, and solar panel technology and manufacturing procedures making them more efficient than ever, even small businesses don't need to miss out on the benefits of going solar.

Go green – go solar

Our team at City Utilities are here to help you if you are considering making business solar energy savings by having a solar system installed. Installing a solar system allows you to quickly boost your businesses green credentials and will significantly reduce your electricity bills.

We have many contacts in the solar energy market and will carry out a solar assessment for you to understand your business energy needs before we look at the best options open to you.

Your business may also qualify for a grant or other financial incentives to move over to solar, so we will be able to help you not only find the perfect solar installation company to work with, but also help to potentially offset some of the cost and lessen the upfront investment you make.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your solar energy needs. We are here to help!

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