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How Can I Make Business Water Savings?
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How Can I Make Business Water Savings?

If you are looking to switch business water providers to save yourself some money, then our team of brokers at City Utilities can help. 

We are here to help your business to save time and money. We work with over 30 of the leading UK energy suppliers and the main water suppliers in the country. We can find you the best prices in the marketplace by working with us – many of them are only accessible through us!

Because we have a solid working relationship with our suppliers, we can often broker a deal with them that will save you more money than you could find on your own. While it is true that we work on a commission basis that is paid to us by energy and water supply companies, we would never recommend a supplier for your business based on the amount of commission we earn.

We like to have an honest and open relationship with our clients and take pride in the fact that we will spend time searching, comparing and brokering the very best deal for you that will meet your needs regardless of how much commission we earn from the referral.

This is why our customers are so loyal to us and choose to stick with us over the years rather than going elsewhere else. They know that we will always do our very best for them and will leverage our brokering power to deliver the best deal for their business energy and water needs.

Deregulated water supply

While the domestic and business energy market has been deregulated for quite a while now, it still surprises us to learn that many business owners don't know that the water supply market has been deregulated since April 2017.

This means that many businesses have continued getting their water from the same supplier they have had for years without realising that they could get a better deal.

The leading UK water suppliers have also needed to update their practices to align with national energy suppliers regarding billing, account management, meter reading and water efficiency advice. 

Now that there is more choice for businesses in the water market, Ofwat now regulates the market to ensure that business customers have more protection and no longer have to pay over the odds for their supply.

How does the water marketplace work?

Because the water market is still relatively new, there are fewer suppliers in play. However, the water market works in much the same way as other utility markets, so the water supply companies will buy wholesale services, such as water and wastewater removal, and then offer packages to sell to business customers.

This means that if your business has been running for many years, you may still be on an old water contract that was in place before the market was deregulated.

It is very common for business owners to pay little mind to their utilities and simply let their existing contracts renew without checking to see if they are actually paying a fair price for their gas, electricity and water supply.

The benefits of switching water supplier

By switching to a new water supplier, you could give your business a whole host of benefits that you don't get now with your existing contract. The same goes for your business gas and electricity supply. 

By switching to a new water supplier, especially if you have never switched before, include benefits such as:

  • Electronic billing – even online self-service bill management
  • More frequent billing
  • Better monitoring of your business water usage
  • Better customer service
  • Cost-saving

How do I switch my business water supplier?

The process of switching to a better business water deal is simplicity itself when you allow our team at City Utilities to take care of this for you.

We will use our industry knowledge and brokering expertise to find the right water supplier for your business. If you are simply looking for a cheaper deal or need more help with your water efficiency, we will be able to find the right company for you.

Our team will work hard gathering and comparing quotes, reading the small print and checking that there are no hidden extras or services included that your business won't use, but you will be billed for regardless.

We will gather some important information from you about your business and your water usage so that we can choose the supply company that best suits your needs. If you have your Supply Point Identification (SPID) number on hand, this will be useful for us. You can find your SPID on your latest water bill.

We will do everything for you 

At City Utilities, we are aware of how busy you are running your business. We understand that you don't often have the available time to dedicate to searching through water supply companies and obtaining quotes.

By working with our dedicated team, you won't need to lift a finger. We will do all the hard work for you while you carry on doing what you do best – running your business.

We will ask you to give us a letter of consent to switch your business water supplier on your behalf. Once we have found the perfect deal for you, we will run this by you to make sure you are happy with the deal.

Our team will then go ahead with the switch and handle all the paperwork on your behalf. You can also ask us to keep an eye on the ever-changing energy and water supply markets and ensure that you are on a good deal for all of your essential business utilities.

Why not find out more ways of saving your business money with our range of valuable services. If you want to contact our friendly team about switching your business water supplier, we are happy to help!

Or simply contact our friendly team at City Utilities to discuss your needs and find out how our professional business brokering services can save you money.

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