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How Business Electricity Audits Can Save You Money
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How Business Electricity Audits Can Save You Money

We all know that UK businesses cannot function without energy, yet too many small and medium-sized businesses are paying hand over fist for their energy consumption without knowing where it is being used or how much is being needlessly wasted. 

Our dedicated team at City Utilities are here to help you with our electricity audit services, which can help to highlight wasteful practices and identify where efficiencies can be made. 

We will do a comprehensive walk-through of your business premises and analyse where your biggest energy drains are, areas that can be improved and make recommendations for more fuel efficiency. We will even draw up a step-by-step action plan for you to follow to make things even simpler for you. 

Giving you greater insight 

The thought of carrying out an electricity audit on your business premises may sound like a long and frustrating task, especially if you don't know how to perform an audit or understand about energy-saving changes that can be made.

This is why it makes good business sense to bring in a specialist company, such as City Utilities, to conduct the electricity audit for you. But you still may be wondering if it will be worth the time and effort.

At the most basic level, having an electricity audit performed on your business premises will give you a clear insight into how, where and how much energy you are using.

While it can be helpful to know how your business is spending money on electricity, having an audit will also tell you where there are areas of wastage and how much impact your wasted energy is having on your bottom line.

When we conduct an electricity audit for you we will write up our report in easy to understand language and will not use any technical jargon or industry-speak. We can draw up an action plan for you to help cut down on energy waste and reduce your bills, but we will also write your action plan out in simple language that is easy to understand.

Simple cost savings 

Because we operate on the cutting-edge of new technology and energy-efficient innovations, our team at City Utilities have in-depth knowledge about the best energy-saving products on the market. 

From recommending the latest energy-efficient light bulbs to advice on installing an automatic timer to turn off your lights at night once everyone has left the building, we understand what simple measures you can take immediately will save you a lot of money.

So many UK businesses leave their lights burning all night, even when their premises have been vacated for the day. Most will also leave lights on 24/7 including weekends and bank holidays when there are no staff on the premises at all.

While a lot of business owners think that leaving the lights on is a good deterrent against break-ins because it looks like the building is occupied all the time, it can cost your business a small fortune each year to keep the lights burning. 

Reducing your carbon footprint

With the UK Government now encouraging businesses to cut down on their carbon footprint and adopt more environmentally-friendly practices, it can be helpful to have an electricity audit to identify areas of energy waste.

Our team will look closely at your business operations and your procedures to see if there are any ways of reducing your electricity use. This in turn will help to contribute towards cutting your businesses carbon footprint.

Having an electricity audit is a very in-depth process and will take into consideration everything from the electrical fixtures, fitting and electronic equipment you use. We will even look at how your systems work and interact with each other to see if there are energy efficiencies to be made.

We may even uncover old or faulty electrical wiring or electronic equipment that is greedy and eats far more energy than the cost of replacing it with a modern, energy-efficient equivalent.

Not only will an electricity audit help your business to run more efficiently and lower your carbon footprint, but it will encourage you to look and see what other savings can be made in other aspects of your business.

Long term sustainability

Having an electricity audit is a simple step towards improving the energy efficiency of your business, which will not only help your business to run leaner but will also boost productivity levels and a sense of well-being with your staff.

A happy worker is a more productive worker, and when your staff see you putting your time and attention towards making the business greener and more energy-efficient, they will know that you care about your business and its long term sustainability.

For a business to succeed these days they need to be adaptable and willing to open their arms to more environmentally conscious ways of working. The quickest and simplest step in the right direction is to analyse your current business electricity use, identify and fix areas of energy wastage, and commit to reducing its carbon footprint.

This is especially important when working in a very competitive business marketplace where having a positive edge over your direct competition can boost your business reputation. You can do this by adapting your business practices to appeal to a more environmentally conscious audience or customer base.

Our electricity audit can help you to:

  1. Address your current electricity use
  2. Identify areas of wastage
  3. Create a step-by-step action plan for energy savings
  4. Compare data to see how much money you have saved 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at City Utilities to book your comprehensive electricity audit and start saving your business money.

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