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Cutting The Cost of  Business Utilities for SMEs
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Cutting The Cost of Business Utilities for SMEs

There are a number of ways the UK's thousands of SMEs can save money on their business utilities, and these savings are not just accessible to large corporations that employ thousands of people!

Small businesses are going through a tough time at the moment, and over 80 per cent are trying hard to cut back on their spending. 

One of the biggest obstacles facing most SMEs in the UK today is managing to cover all of their overheads while still turning a decent profit. Even the smallest of start-up businesses running on a lean system can benefit from business utility savings.

Many of the business customers our team at City Utilities help are those running small and medium-sized businesses looking at ways to free up much-needed cash to invest back into their business or to grow and expand their operations.

There are a lot of energy-saving measures that a business owner can take to help reduce their energy consumption, such as installing smart plugs on electrical devices that will power off when the device is not in use. But one of the most significant savings a company can make is to find a better deal for their business utilities.

Switching business energy providers

Many SMEs don't realise that they are being overcharged for their energy. In fact, according to a 2018 Ofgem report, up to 27% of UK businesses are unaware that they can get a better deal, or they are unwilling to go through the hassle of switching suppliers.

This is why City Utilities are here – to help small and medium-sized businesses find the very best tariff to suit their energy needs. This can vary from company to company, so we will look at the way your business uses energy and armed with this knowledge, we will find you a better deal that can save you a lot of money.

We understand that for most business owners, the idea of spending countless hours sifting through online quotes and reading the small print on different tariffs can feel tedious and frustrating.

This is why by using our energy comparison and brokerage service, we can do all the hard work for you. Our team of highly experienced energy experts can search out and compare the best tariffs on the market as you near the end of your existing energy contract.

We work with over 30 of the leading UK energy suppliers. Because of our strong working relationship with them, we can often source a much better deal on your behalf that you wouldn't otherwise be offered when searching by yourself.

Seamless energy switching service

You don't even need to lift a finger to start the energy supplier switching process. We will break down the most competitive energy tariffs from our range of suppliers to find the best ones. We will run these by you and highlight any terms and conditions you will need to be aware of.

When you are happy with your choice, we will do all the necessary switching nitty-gritty for you. All we will need is a letter of consent from you that enables us to act on your behalf when switching business energy suppliers, and we will do the rest!

How our business energy switching services work 

We would like to make it clear that we are an energy broker and not a supplier. This means we are trained to find you the best energy tariffs to suit your particular business needs and switch you over to your new supplier once your existing energy contract has expired.

Many of our customers ask what would happen if they don't switch suppliers when their existing contract runs out. To put it simply, not switching can lead to you falling into an 'out-of-contract tariff' with your current supplier. These tariffs are higher than standard energy tariffs and will result in much higher costs for you.

Let's face it; your business utility bills are inescapable. However, there is absolutely no reason for your business to pay more than is necessary for your energy. This is why simply sticking to one energy supplier and never bothering to switch away when your contract expires can be extremely costly in the long run.

Just think how much money you can save by working with City Utilities and allowing us to seek out the best deal for you, and switching you over without you needing to lift a finger. This is money that can be reinvested into your business or saved up for your expansion plans.

Other business utility savings

By working with our friendly team at City Utilities, you can completely overhaul all of your business utility bills and make significant savings across the board.

There are far more savings to be made when you make good use of our other business services, including:

  • Business Electricity
  • Business Gas
  • Business Water
  • Business Telecoms
  • Business Mobile
  • Business Solar Energy
  • Business Credit Card Processing
  • Facilities Management

If you are serious about reducing your business utility bills, contact our friendly team at City Utilities to talk you through all of your money-saving options.

So many UK SMEs are unaware of how much money they can save by switching to better tariffs for their gas and electricity and more cost-effective deals for business telecoms and mobile services.

If you have been with the same energy, telecoms and mobile suppliers for as long as you can remember, now is the time to look at your contracts. If any of your agreements are coming up for renewal, or you have already been moved to an out-of-contract tariff by your current energy supplier, then any further delay in switching will cost you more money every day.

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