Why should I use a Broker?

The Quick answer is it will save you time and money, with over 30 energy suppliers in the UK just imagine much time it would take you to contact them all and ask them for prices we are talking hours if not days. 

Energy brokers put forward lots of business to these suppliers and therefore this is reflected in the rates the broker will be able to get for you saving you money.

How can I reduce my Utility Bills?

Lighting and Heating are generally the biggest user of energy for almost all businesses, quite often small changes can yield significant savings. 

LED bulbs can cut you electricity usage against regular bulbs by as much as 90%. Timers for Heating and indoor-outdoor sensor can make a substantial reduction in heating costs. 

We can help. Look at our Audit tab.

Can I use a price comparison site instead?

Yes, of course you can, however for non-domestic energy, once you have given your details what you will not get is a screen showing you all the options available. What you will get is a flood of phone calls and or emails from potential suppliers. 

Once we have your letter of authority and copies of your bill with city utilities, we tender for quotes to every major supplier and invite them to tender for your contract. 

Sometimes particularly if it’s a reasonably sized contract with a business trading for years, we might see all 32 suppliers respond. 

However, if it is a smaller business that has only recently started trading, then we may only get 5 or 6 respond.

How many energy companies are in the UK?

There are about 32 main gas and electricity suppliers on the market today. 

There are some other smaller suppliers, but we only work with well-established ones in this very competitive market. 

We review our suppliers regularly, to ensure we can give our customers the best prices in the market.

How do I know I am on the right charging band (Tariff)?

The more energy your business uses, the cheaper per Kilowatt the price will be, the difference between the smallest electricity users’ price and the largest users is about 40% however before you think that’s very unfair to get the very large user rate you have to be spending about £8,000,000 a year on Electricity. 

There are 6-7 bands in Electricity and 5 for gas usage. When you give us a copy of your bill, we will be able to see and tell you if the price you are paying is in the correct price band.

How can I book an electricity audit?

Reply in any of our message boxes, call or email us to arrange an audit, Audits are free for existing City Utilities customers. But if your not an existing customer, the cost is between £150 - £500 depending on your energy usage and business size. 

Some Audits have yielded annual savings of 15-20% off their yearly bills, in one extreme case the savings were of over 50%.

I am not a City Utilities customer. How do I book an energy audit?

Reply in any of our message boxes, call or email us to arrange an audit.

The cost is between £150 - £500 depending on your energy usage and size. 

If you become a city utilities customer within six months of your audit, we will refund you the money paid for your audit.

My venue was closed for most of 2020, will this affect my new contract?

In some cases, particularly for businesses that were forced to shut down, their usage in 2020 could move you down a band when it comes to your next contract. 

New contracts are often based on a snapshot of the previous year's usage. So this could result in higher than anticipated rates. 

However, we will work with you on this once we know your specifics and how far off your normal band your 2020 usage was we will go into negotiation with our suppliers armed with facts, but rest assured we will do everything we can to get you the best prices.

I received my renewal quote, and it is much higher than I anticipated. Why is that?

Gas and Electricity prices have risen by about 40% since 2016, so if you are coming out of a two or 3-year deal, these increases will be shown in your renewal quote. 

However, contact us today as we guarantee we will be able to beat your renewal quote.

Utilities Broker FAQs:

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